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"Spend 80 minutes in the expert hands of Laurel Whole Plant Organics’s in-house holistic esthetician, Megan Nino, and you’ll quickly realize that life changing is an adjective that can be used to illustrate this facial. Nino’s calming voice and healing hands are hypnotic and you’ll quickly find yourself in a dreamlike state. You’ll walk out of the treatment room feeling incredibly relaxed with skin that positively glows." -Katie Sweeney


I'm currently the in house Holistic Esthetician at Laurel Skin. My primary focus and life path is to be a healer. I'm also an organic makeup artist who was in Los Angeles, and re-located to San Francisco, CA in 2015. Meditation, eating healthy, living consciously and intuitively, loving, and having gratitude are my biggest allies.

My education in beauty began at the age of 19 in Salt Lake City, UT, of all the interesting places. There I worked for a Fashion Designer by the name of Jared Gold. He showed me a whole new world of beauty, color, culture, and art. I naturally went into dressing and doing makeup on the models for his runways. In '04 I had the privilege of going to America's Next Top Model with him in Los Angeles. This was a turning point in my life. 

From there I moved to Hollywood to pursue fashion and beauty, which lead me to New York City in '08. I decided some time after, that my true passion was to be a makeup artist. I then studied at Makeup Desinory, and I've now been in the beauty industry for 7 years. Travel, experience, and people continue to enrich my education of beauty today.  

With gratitude, my work has been featured in publications and magazines around the world. I have also written beauty articles for, Blake Lively's website, and Coco Eco Magazine.  

On Skincare

For me, skincare and makeup go hand and hand in my practice. To have a greater understanding of the power of ingredients and the human skin, I also became a licensed Esthetician 2 and half years ago. I am now the in-house Holistic Esthetician at the Laurel Skincare Studio in Sausalito, CA. Just a short drive away from San Francisco. Our sacred facials are 80 minutes of pure organic bliss, where I heal and nurture my clients. We have been featured in the San Francisco Chronicle, Day Spa Magazine and C Magazine, to name a few. 

On Makeup

Makeup can empower, revitalize and emphasize a face. I do it with healthier, effective, and clean alternatives. As a creative artist, makeup allows me to expand my imagination through the colors, structures, and a never ending variation of beautiful faces. I am a green makeup artist who focuses on my philosophy to be a beauty who loves nature.


Every Summer as a young girl I would go camping and hiking with my family. We would venture to places in the Alaskan wilderness, New Mexico, along the Colorado River, and Panguitch Lake, UT. I learned to enjoy, appreciate, and respect nature and its creatures at a very young age. 

I am also a vegetarian (I love vegan food too) and eco advocate for positive change, to see a healthier and happier planet. 

What a gift this world is for each and everyone of us. Being green and using products that are organic, cruelty-free, and sustainably sourced, brings me great satisfaction.

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